No Longer and Unmarked Gravesite

On September 20, 2017, Roy Mixon, Randy Starley, Bruce Daniel and Travis Batchelor marked the grave of Wyatt Lewis at the Gordon Historical City Cemetery after being an unknown gravesite for over 87 years.

Wyatt Lewis was buried in the cemetery in or around 1885 and died around 1930. He was the husband of Lizzie Solomon. Fox Byington pointed out the gravesite to Mixon years ago, but did not know who was buried at the site. It was not until Randy Starley, Cathy Starley and Roy Mixon began doing some research and asking about the gravesite that Frances Burney give them the name and information about Wyatt Lewis.

“I am glad we were able to identify the gravesite and proud to be a part of placing a stone to identify Wyatt Lewis, one of Gordon’s black citizens,” Mixon said, “I would like to thank Bruce Daniel for clearing a path to the site so that we could place the marker, Travis Batchelor for delivering and carrying the stone all the way to the back of the cemetery, Randy Starley for keeping the grave clean through the years and Williams Funeral Home for supplying the marker.”

Bruce Daniel clears a path to the gravesite of Wyatt Lewis as Roy Mixon leads the way.

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